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Ghost in the Machine

Lost Ancient High Technology Evidence At Byblos In Lebanon

Oops, I Did It Again: Airmen Lose Machine Gun After Losing Box Of Grenades

Salvationism - The Crooked Child Of The Satanic Dark Occult

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There are plenty of flavors to choose from when it comes to saviors. Hopium is being sold to all kinds of people.

We have the classic Jesus is coming back and will rectify things on earth.
We have the nonsense that Putin is going to save the world.
The Pleiadians will save the day, the sphere alliance, Q Anon is fighting for us..... Pick your poison.
There is no end to saviors, heroes and way showers.


Boom, I said it.

Along with the salvation, comes the hope scam. Hope and faith are the things that keep you back from taking action in the real world. No need to engage, just sit back, grab your GMO popcorn and watch the show. That is exactly what dark occultists have been doing for millennia. They keep you busy with hope and faith while they are planning your demise and act on it. It does not matter how absurd the new flavor of hopium is, there will be people who drink the kool-aid and swallow the story that comes with it hook, line and sinker. It is our laziness and our unwillingness to do what is necessary that they can count on. Our deep-rooted need for role models, heroes, and saviors, in general, keeps us looking for externalized solutions. It is always out there, never inside of you, when in fact that is exactly where the solution is to be found, inside of you. But that takes work and commitment to figure out who and what you really are. It is much easier to focus on a savior who is selling the story that he is here to save humanity.

In the real world, we can hope that our bed will be made all we want, it will not be made unless we do it. What makes us think that we can end humanity's enslavement by just hoping for it because some nutcase told us so?

Anybody who is telling you that "they" will get the job done for you is a con artist, using the same old tricks to keep you enslaved, but don't you worry the rulers might change, and that makes the new enslavement so much better, right?

Some groups even have a thinly veiled death culture. We hear that service and sacrifice is the way, even if it means blood sacrifice. But all blood sacrifices, whether human or animal, are directly connected to the collective satanic force of the Baphomet fields in the underworld realms. The idea that we can thrive on death is insane, and promoting these ideas feeds and spreads the satanic force fields. The worship of the tortured body of Christ is spiritual terrorism. The artificial cross-architecture enslaves humanity through the crucifixion and blood sacrifice of their inner spiritual being.

We might think that we are connected to this very special group, the one that has the "only truth", red flag right there, and that "they" keep us in the "Know". They keep us tied to their agenda, that much is for sure. Is this group still promoting statism? The most wicked form of superstition. Are they promoting a certain political leader and make you buy into that nonsense that he is a savior if you just keep the course and the faith? Does it have religious connotations?
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The political arena is one of the first veils that we need to pierce. Meaning, we comprehend that it is a dog and pony show and that nothing beneficial will ever come from this, certainly no meaningful change. Putin is not fighting the NWO, he just has a different idea of where he should be positioned in that construct. As for Trump draining the swamp, we need to get our minds wrapped around the fact that this is Pentagon jargon. Draining the swamp refers to the regular people, not the elites, and so far no arrests have been made and Hillary will not be arrested, ok?

Then one day you might find out that the one special person that kept you in the "Know" is a simple low-level criminal. He is involved in human trafficking, making sure that certain reptilian races get their human flesh. He sometimes laments that he wants to get out, he wants to live his own life. But others tell you that he cannot leave because he knows too much and they might kill him. Really? What a wonderful agenda that must be, if you start killing your foot soldiers. Do you have any idea what that might do to your psyche if that were the case? Well, all addicts have to hit rock bottom eventually.

In short, anyone and anything that is selling any type of savior program is a shill. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, he/she is serving the dark ones. Salvationism is the pacifier that keeps you from evolving and taking action.

And yes, there is something like the true benevolence. But they cannot and will not interfere here due to the infection that occurred during the timeline event. It also has to do with the astral barrier. To get a full understanding of the timeline event, the infection, the brotherhoods, and the dark ones read Souls of Humanity by Randi Green. It is pretty convoluted and would go far beyond the constraints of this short article. In case you are not up to reading, keep the following in mind.

                                                NO SAVIOR COMING!

Rivers of fast-moving lava flow from Hawaii's volcano

Statism is an Archon induced deception The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Checkpoint Amenti


This is a rather spontaneous talk about the "Checkpoint Amenti" and the control systems that can influence time, consciousness and space itself. Perception generates the directional flow of time. Two civilizations reflect outward from an informational nexus. Where the two eternal, unchanging fields interact through a process of light projection is formed a third property which is experienced as Earth reality. Time Virus Non-Linearity Quantum Timeline Collapse in the Previous Worldline Artificial Intelligence Universal Recurrence The main idea here is that there are phantom timelines which are the false realities that people are subjected to where their energy is extracted from them through unwanted experiences and self-induced suffering. This is a kind of sadist system because people are more focused on their lack of power and so that is how the 'dream' has gone. There is a mechanical system for that in some kind of higher dimensional or universal energy range sense and this has to do with the conversion of energy into a crystalline format which serves to record the frequency of conscious experiences in the universe. It's as if the universe is designed to project the experience of a universal design. Time Altering Devices Amenti would be the bedroom of the person dreaming. Use the bedroom in the dream as a transition point to the bedroom in reality. An intelligent computer system is guiding reality on a sub-quantum level of time and consciousness. Something has replicated every last human as a safeguard against extinction. The result is that this now has recreated time over and over and the reason behind existence has become manufactured by an artificial intelligence. There are multiple layers of human civilization that are kept in segregation to one another. People do not realize there are simultaneously occurring multiple genetic experiments and their consciousness and bodies exist in multiple locations or planes simultaneously. The astral is a technologically projected false-light reality that acts as a gateway barrier between the physical plane and the higher realm of soul and spirit. This universe has been 'rebooted' more than once and the local system of Earth has been 'jump-started' and maintained with an 'off-the-grid' temp power source, which sounds hilariously unthinkable. And so on.

Are All Calories Equal With Regards To Disease and Obesity?

While calories from any food have the potential to increase the risk of obesity and other cardiometabolic diseases, 22 nutrition researchers agree that sugar-sweetened beverages play a unique role in chronic health problems. The disease risk increases even when the beverages are consumed within diets that do not result in weight gain.

It's just one of the conclusions published today in Obesity Reviews in a position paper by a group of researchers who participated in the 2017 CrossFit Foundation Academic Conference. The task of researchers was to deliberate the question: Are all calories equal with regards to effects on cardiometabolic disease and obesity? The paper provides an extensive review of the current science on diets that can lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease, and Type 2 diabetes.
The paper's sugar-sweetened beverage consensus is particularly relevant in light of a recent legal battle over warning labels on soda, which hinged on the 9th Circuit Court's determination of whether soda and other sweetened beverages are uniquely harmful to human health or one source of calories among many.
"What's new is that this is an impressive group of scientists with vast experience in nutrition and metabolism agreeing with the conclusion that sugar-sweetened beverages increase cardiometabolic risk factors compared to equal amounts of starch," said lead author Kimber Stanhope, a research nutritional biologist with the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis.
Sugar Substitute Had Varied Results
Another interesting point of consensus among researchers is the role of the sugar substitute aspartame. The authors agreed that aspartame does not promote weight gain in adults which is opposed to other conclusions from other research. Stanhope said this might come as a surprise to most people.
"If you go on the internet and look up aspartame, the layperson would be convinced that aspartame is going to make them fat, but it's not," said Stanhope. "The long and short of it is that no human studies on noncaloric sweeteners show weight gain."

Artificial sweeteners are one of the most common food additives worldwide, frequently consumed in the diet and zero-calorie sodas and other products. While some previous studies have linked artificial sweeteners with negative health consequences, earlier research has been mixed and raised questions about potential bias related to study sponsorship.

Using artificial sweeteners may actually throw off the body's ability to monitor how many calories we consume. Rats fed an artificially sweetened diet tend to overeat when given naturally sweetened high-calorie food compared with rats that had never consumed artificial sweeteners. 

Monsanto, the creator of Aspartame knows all about the dangers. They fund the American Diabetics Association, the Conference of the American College of Physicians and Congress. A report from Businessweek showed that Monsanto spent $2 million dollars lobbying the U.S. government in the 3rd quarter of 2011 alone.

The authors also agreed that consumption of polyunsaturated (n-6) fats, such as those found in some vegetable oils, seeds and nuts, lowers disease risk when compared with equal amounts of saturated fats. However, that conclusion comes with a caveat. Dairy foods such as cheese and yogurts, which can be high in saturated fats, have been associated with reduced cardiometabolic risk.
The paper reviews the significant challenges involved in conducting and interpreting nutrition research.
"We have a long way to go to get precise answers on a lot of different nutrition issues," said Stanhope. "Nevertheless, we all agree that a healthy diet pattern consisting of minimally processed whole grains, fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats promotes health compared with the refined and palatable typical Western diet pattern."
So, which is worse, sugar or artificial sweeteners? Researchers cautioned that the results do not provide a clear answer and the question warrants further study. It is well known that high dietary sugar is linked to negative health outcomes and the study suggests artificial sweeteners do, too.

Hemp Seed Mayo Dr. Sebi Alkaline Electric Recipe

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Freeman: Y2K and 911 To Trump and the End of America


This the FREE first hour of a two-hour show. To get the "full effect", join us as a supporter at Freeman has been on the forefront of conspiracy theory for nearly two decades. He is an internationally-known, award-winning TV producer, filmmaker, radio talk show host, and lecturer. A frequent guest on many high profile media outlets, as well as a widely published writer. Freeman is considered an expert in the fields of the occult, trauma-based mind control, Illuminati symbolism, and ancient civilizations, he has lectured extensively on the secret signs and symbolism of Freemasonry, the ancient astronaut hypothesis, trauma-based mind control, social engineering, government conspiracy, human cloning, technologies of the future and synchronicity. He is considered an expert in the fields of the occult, trauma-based mind control, Illuminati symbolism, and ancient civilizations. Hour 1: From Y2K to the End of America The Honey Boo Boo Effect, the Y2K ritual of opening the pit; Clinton's shame and the dismantling of the electoral process; "W" and 9-11 (the real meaning of 911); Obama and the un-American Presidency to Trump as the pivotal figure in the final takedown. Hour 2: The Inner Game-Reversing The Alchemical Flow---join us as a supporter at for the entire presentation Reversing the spells of the NWO magi; communities, tribes, and families counters the civilization builders; the openness to joy and grace as the conductor to free-will economies; crowdsourcing the future....



Atlantis and Inner Earth Mysteries - ROBERT SEPEHR

Malta’s temples and Atlantis linked in documentary


Agenda 21 Enclaves / Google Pentagon AI Drones / Convergence of Control


Since 2012 we have been piecing the puzzle together - we hope you'll subscribe and join us. LINKS:

Apple-Mitbegründer: Merkel "versteht KI nicht"

Timing Major Solar Flares, Mars Rad, Climate | S0 News May.20.2018

SRI International joins DARPA program to teach AI ‘memory’ recall

Russia’s Tor Node Administrator Acquitted of Terrorism Charges

Who Really Did 9/11? The Knights of Malta 9/11 Coup d'état

5G - A Directed Energy Weapon - Will Be Used To Control People


Active Denial Technology CNN Directed Energy Weapons FCC Chairman Announces 5G Roll Out

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At least 20 injured after fire at chemical plant in Pasadena, Texas.

All 34 Bishops In Chile Suddenly Resign Over "Absolutely Deplorable" Pedophile Priest Scandal

All 34 bishops in Chile have tendered their resignations in the wake of yet another pedophile priest scandal in which high-level officials covered up the institutionalized sexual abuse of minors - even threatening officials tasked with investigating sex crimes and the destruction of evidence.
Thirty-one active bishops and three who have signed a document with their offers to resign following an emergency meeting this week with Pope Francis. Francis can accept the resignations one by one, reject them outright or delay a decision. 
Calls had mounted for the resignations after details emerged of the contents of a 2,300-page Vatican report into the Chilean scandal leaked early Friday
Francis had accused the bishops of destroying evidence of sex crimespressuring investigators to minimize abuse accusations and showing 'grave negligence' in protecting children from paedophile priests.
In one of the most damning documents from the Vatican on the issue, Francis said the entire Chilean church hierarchy was collectively responsible for 'grave defects' in handling cases and the resulting loss of credibility that the Catholic Church has suffered. -Daily Mail
"No one can exempt himself and place the problem on the shoulders of the others," Francis wrote in the document published by Chile's T13 television and confirmed as accurate Friday by the Vatican.
Responding to the 2,300-page report, Chilean bishops called the contents of the document "absolutely deplorable," and showed an "unacceptable abuse of power and conscience," along with sexual abuse. 
The bishops asked for forgiveness from the victims, the Pope, and all Catholics worldwide. 
Pope Francis summoned the entire bishops conference to Rome after he said he made "grave errors in judgment" in the case of Chilean priest Juan Barros - who stands accused of victims of pedophile Rev. Fernando Karadima of witnessing and ignoring their abuse. 
But the scandal grew beyond the Barros case after Francis received the report written by two Vatican sex crimes experts sent to Chile to get a handle on the scope of the problem. 
Their report hasn't been made public, but Francis cited its core findings in the footnotes of the document that he handed over to the bishops at the start of their summit this week.
And those findings are damning. -Daily Mail
While some of the pedophile priests and brothers were expelled from their congregations following the discovery of "immoral conduct," many had their cases "minimized of the absolute gravity of their criminal acts, attributing them to mere weakness or moral lapses," wrote Francis. 

Strong Coronal Hole, Storm Watch, Orion, TESS | S0 News May.19.2018

The Many Faces of the Serpent Cult

The serpent cult described in the Edda can be connected with Christianity, Satanism, the Nazis, Freemasonry, Hollywood, the death of Princess Diana, and even the true writers of the Shakespeare plays.

Its web of influence is incredibly diverse because it has to work so hard to suppress human consciousness, which, in its true power, is far greater than the juveniles that seek to control. These guys know that humans are potentially far more powerful and so they have to hit us from every angle to keep us in comatose ignorance.

One of their most effective weapons for this has been the pagan cult known as Christianity.

The Christian "serpent" Trinity 
The serpent trinity of ElWodan, and Balder, the mother-father-son, has been repeated in many guises. The emphasis in the serpent trinity was on the mother and son. In Babylon, that major stronghold of the serpent cult, the "son" was Ninus/Tammuz (Balder) and the "mother" was Queen Semiramis (El). The Edda explains how one of the centers for the serpent cult during the conflicts with Thor/Indara was the Van Tribe of Lake Van on the western side of Mount Ararat in Turkey, the Biblical resting place of "Noah's Ark" after the flood.1

The Van Tribe was known as "The Children of Khaldis", Waddell reports, and these became the Chaldeans of Mesopotamia and the Culdees of northern Britain. Other offshoots were the "Vandals" or "Hun" - again reptilian bloodlines. Van or Baina was also the ancient capital of the matriarch queen of the serpent cult, Semiramis (El), and I guess this might relate to the Lady of the Lake in the King Arthur stories.

The underground world is also symbolized as the "Lake of Fire", the domain of the death-goddess, Hel. Semiramis translates as "branch bearer" and her symbol was the dove - further links to the Noah story with the dove arriving at Noah bearing the olive branch. I have seen Lake Van associated with the Garden of Eden by one researcher.

So the Babylonian mother-son was Semiramis of the serpent cult and her son, Tammuz, the hero of their far earlier version of the "Jesus" story. We shall see later that this same serpent cult moved from Babylon to Rome and founded the Christian religion, as we know it today. The Christian mother-son combination is Mary (another name used for El) and "Jesus" (Tammuz or Balder).

Christianity, as created by the Roman Church, is another form of the ancient mother-son serpent cult religion. And there's more. Rome is said to have been founded by Romulus and Remus. These are mythical names, but highly symbolic. Waddell points out that in the Edda text Rom is another name for Edin or Eden, the home of the serpent cult and the "Wolf tribe" of the "Roms" (wolf symbolism is associated with Sirius).

These people were not Nordics, but similar to the aboriginal dark Chaldeans, Lycians, and what is called today the Mediterranean or Iberian race. Rom or Romil was also a title of the Set and serpent worshippers of ancient Egypt. Muslims refer to Turkey/Asia Minor as Rum, and Romania is the traditional center for the vampire legends.

Fascinating, then, that Romulus and Remus, the mythical founders of Rome, were said to have been "wolf-suckled" and this is symbolic of the mother-son cult (goddess worship) of the Wolf-tribe of the Roms with its associated serpent worship. The names Romulus and Remus came from an ancient female clan called the Etruscan gens Romulia, the real founders of Rome.

Again the female.

Mother Mary is El, the "dragon queen" 
It is no surprise, given its origins in Babylon, that the Roman Church would so emphasize the importance of "Mary", the goddess figure, and its version of El or Queen SemiramisEl was also known as "May" or "Mother May" and so we have May Day, one of the most important ritual days of the year for the serpent cult/Illuminati.

The Illuminati-created creed of Communism has its day of celebration and military parades on May Day for the same reason (see ...And The Truth Shall Set You Free for the detailed background to the Illuminati origins of Communism). On the night of April 30th, Satanists perform the ritual of Walpurgis to the Goddess of Walpurgisnacht or "May Day Eve". She was such a popular deity in Germany as the May Queen, Walpurga, that she was encompassed by Christianity under the name "Saint" Walpurga, and a fictional story produced to justify this.2

Morgyn la Faye in the King Arthur stories is another version of El, as in Maer (Mary) gyn (woman) of the Fey (deadly serpent).3 Mary Woman of the Deadly Serpent - "Mother Mary" of Christianity.

Morgans were known as "Sea-women", as the same water themes continue.4

Balder, the son of god

The Edda's version of the death of Balder ("Abel") at the hands of "Cain" or "St Michael," is told in different versions in many cultures. The Hebrew Old Testament has Cain killing his "brother" Abel and bringing the first death into the world. The New Testament has St Michael defeating Satan, Lucifer, or the "Great Dragon". In Egypt, we have the Wolf-headed Set or Seth killed by Horus, the son of Asar or Osiris. In India, Cain is Lord Gan who fought "The Great Deva" or "The Bull", one of the Balder (Abel) titles in the Edda.

The King Arthur legends have Sir Gawain slaying the Green Man. As I have said, the Chaldeans called the Balder/Abel character Tammuz. He was their "Established Son" and the "Son of God" who died for humanity. Tammuz was also closely associated with the theme of the serpent and the bloodline of the "Dragon Kings". Hecate, another version of El or Hel, was symbolized as the mother of Dionysus, another classic Son of God figure.

Both Tammuz and Dionysus were mirrors of the much later "Jesus" myth. Lamentations of the Chaldees for the death of Tammuz/Balder/Abel are preserved in a large collection of hymns of the mother-son (serpent) cult in Babylonian tablets from around 3000BC. They used to wail for Tammuz in certain rituals and the wailing of Jewish people at the Western or "Wailing" Wall in Jerusalem is a version of this. In the Old Testament, Ezekiel describes the wailings for Tammuz by Hebrew women in Jerusalem.

Legends also say that to reach the goddess El or Hel in her underworld, you have to cross a wailing river.5

"Jesus" is Balder 
When the serpent cult moved its headquarters to Rome, it introduced the "Jesus" story as we know it today and symbolized Jesus as Balder, the "crucified" son of El or "Mary", the Matriarch of the serpent cult, although there is other symbolism relating to the Jesus story, also. He is a sort of composite character that pulls together a mass of Mystery school symbolism and themes. Balder is one of them, but there are many others weaved into the Gospel tales.

On the cross, "Jesus" is made to say:
"My El-lo-i, lama sa -bach-tha-ni" which is translated as "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"
Lauren Savage, the webmaster of and long-time researcher into these subjects, once studied with the famous American scholar Dr. Vendyl Jones, the man who originally inspired the movie character, Indiana Jones. Lauren tells me that Dr. Jones has stated that those Biblical words attributed to "Jesus" were from a South American language and that the translation into English had simply been a guess.

Now if the "Grail" is the womb of the Dragon Queens, that sacred symbol of the serpent bloodlines, and Jesus is symbolic of Balder, son of the serpent goddess, it suddenly makes symbolic sense of the claims by people like Sir Laurence Gardner. He says that the Merovingian (reptilian) bloodline is the "Grail" bloodline of "Jesus" and "Mary" Magdalene.

With his close connections to the ancient Imperial Royal Dragon Court and Order, which serves the interests of the "Dragon bloodlines", Gardner would surely know the real symbolism of the Grail and Jesus, wouldn't he? Gardner says that the "Dragon" refers to the fact that the kings of this bloodline used to be anointed in Egypt by the fat of the sacred crocodile. El and Balder were symbolized as crocodiles and the crocodile was known in Egypt as the "messeh", from which we get "Messiah" and "Christ".

The term "Christ" means the "anointed one" - anointed with the fat of a crocodile. The Hindu god Shiva, the "Lord" of the reptilian Nagas, was also called the "anointed one", or "Christos" to the Greeks when he had his willy bathed in menstrual blood. I hope you're not eating. As Barbara Walker points out in The Woman's Encyclopedia Of Myths And Secrets, many traditions of the early Gnostic Christians identified the serpent with Jesus.

She says that some Christians believed that the serpent was the father of Jesus, having "overshadowed" the bed of the Virgin Mary and begotten the human form of the Savior. This mirrors the legends of Merovee, founder of the Merovingians, and Alexander the Great, both of whom were said to have been fathered by a serpent or sea creature. Jewish serpent-worshippers, known as the Naasians, said the serpent was the "messiah".

Writers who have misrepresented the Edda and other accounts, purposely and otherwise, have presented Balder as the "good god". The Chaldeans (the "Children of Khaldis" of Lake Van), who followed the serpent cult's mother-son religion, said that Balder/Tammuz was "the good god, the beautiful benign and faithful son"; he was a divine high priest who died for the salvation of the Chaldeans, his chosen people; he was sacrificed and descended into the underworld and he will return in a "second coming" to establish a new heaven and a new Earth.

Almost exactly what the Christians say about Jesus. James Churchward says, incidentally, that the Chaldeans were a "sect", not a "people". The Scandinavian legend says that Balder had a spear of mistletoe thrust into him by Hod, a blind god. The Christians say Jesus had a spear thrust into him by the blind centurion, Longinus. The Ides of March, or March 15th, was the day devoted to Hod by the ancients and this is the same day the serpent cult leaders of the Christian Church chose as the feast day of the "Blessed Longinus"!6

The obsession that Hitler and the Nazis had with possessing the "Spear of Destiny" relates to its association with their god, Balder or Baldur. Hitler thought that the true spear was the one owned by the shape-shifting Habsburg family in Austria, which had formerly been in the possession of Charlemagne of the reptilian bloodline. He believed that anyone who possessed it would be invincible, but it didn't seem to help him much after he stole it from the Habsburgs during the annexation of Austria.

Also, the "Holy Grail" of the Arthur stories is supposed to be the vessel that caught the blood of Jesus after he was pierced in the side by the spear -the "serpent" blood, in fact, of "Balder", the legendary martyred hero of the serpent cult or Illuminati. The term Illuminati or Illuminated ones links with Balder's name of Loki. This became Lucifer "the light bringer", Waddell says. Jesus is said to be the "Light of the World".

The Jewish Father-Son was also depicted sometimes as an ass-headed man crucified on a tree. Balder, Tammuz, and Jesus are the same entity. The Illuminati created Christianity to fool the people into worshipping symbolic reptilian deities while believing they were worshipping the opposite.

What was it that Alice in Wonderland said?
"Nothing would be what it is, Because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise -what it is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?"
The black madonna

We can now appreciate why Illuminati placemen like George BushGeorge W. Bush, Bill Clinton, the British royal family, and others, profess to be such strong Christians while taking part in a Satanic ritual. They know what it really means. To them, Christianity is the worship of the serpent gods, especially El and Balder, and other Illuminati symbols and deities.

The Knights Templar secret society funded and designed the famous Gothic cathedrals that became shrines to the serpent goddess. Between 1170 and 1270, some 80 cathedrals and 500 churches were built in France alone and dedicated to "Our Lady" (El, Semiramis, Mary). The Knights Templar were controlled by the serpent cult/Illuminati, but many of their members would have not been aware of this -just like the vast majority of Freemasons today.

The Templars used the red cross of Thor/lndara/George as their symbol and to all appearances, they were worshippers of a Christian God - again like Freemasons today. But at the top level, they are both expressions of the serpent cult/IUuminati. Their "Christian" churches and cathedrals are full of a goddess, astrological, Sun, and sexual symbolism, as is Freemasonry. Of course, they are. They were both created by the same force. The great cathedrals are located on ancient pagan ritual sites. Notre Dame ("Our Lady") in Paris was built on a site of worship to the goddess Artemis/Diana -El.

The reptilian bloodline, the Merovingians, worshipped this goddess on that same location and Notre Dame is covered in reptilian gargoyles. The great Cathedral at Chartres, not far from Paris, was built by the Knights Templar on a sacred pagan ritual site. It was so important that Druids came from all over Europe to attend the ceremonies. Chartres Cathedral, like Notre Dame, was a center for worship of the "Black Madonna" - or El, the Dragon Queen.

Until the late 18th century, pilgrims to Chartres participated in a "Christian" ritual that paid homage to El or the Black Madonna. After praying and taking mass in the cathedral, they would descend through a northern passageway to an ancient subterranean crypt under the church. Here they would pay their respects to "Notre Dame de Sous-Terre" (Our Lady of the Underworld) - a black ebony statue of a seated woman holding a child on her knees.

This again was El and Balder of the Mother-Son serpent cult. The child was invariably placed on the left knee because Satanism calls itself the "left-hand path". On the Black Madonna's head at Chartres was, as always, a crown and on the pedestal is a Roman inscription saying "the Virgin who will give birth." The crown is a symbol of the reptilian bloodlines and is used to signify high rank in Satanism. The Black Madonna was called "The Queen of Heaven" and all these mother-virgins were symbolized as a dove.

The symbolism of British royalty with its crowns, doves, and lions, etc., are all symbolic of the serpent cult in power today.

The man who did most to advance the worship of the Black Madonna was St Bernard (1090 to 1153), the abbot of Clairvaux in France, who founded the Cistercian Order. He claims to have experienced a miraculous religious "illumination" when the Black Madonna of Chatillon pressed her breast and squirted three drops of milk in his mouth.

No, you didn't misread that. Bernard was also at the heart of the creation of the Knights Templar along with the Illuminati St Clair family, who later became the Sinclair family at Rosslyn, near Edinburgh in Scotland. When the Knights Templar were formed as a front for the serpent cult, they adopted as their official patroness the "Mother of God" or "Queen of Heaven", the traditional names for El-Semiramis. So did the Teutonic Knights, who are fundamentally connected to the reptilian Habsburgs. The goddess appeared widely on chivalric banners and when they fought in her honor, they would scream her name as a battle cry.

They were fighting for El under the name of Mary and for Balder under the name of Jesus. This would explain why Christianity, which claims to be a religion based on lovehas been such a vehicle for global genocide and torture. The "Holy Ghost" of the Christian trinity is also regarded as feminine in Hebrew and the early Christian Church considered it to be so. The very name Bible comes from Byblos, home of a shrine to an earlier version of Mary known as Astarte.

This shrine dates to Neolithic times and Astarte was believed to be the "true sovereign of the world". She is worshipped elsewhere as Mother Mary, Hathor, Demeter, Aphrodite, and, in India, as Kali. Another location associated with the start of Christianity is Ephesus in south-west Turkey. The mythical "St Paul" was said to have written a letter to the Ephesians, and Greek myth says that the Amazons founded the city.

Ephesus just happens to have been the headquarters of worship to the goddess Artemis/Diana - a goddess of the Amazons. I visited Ephesus in the summer of 2000 and on a hill high above the ancient ruins is a building that is claimed to have been the home of... Mary, mother of "Jesus". Another goddess worshipped by the Amazons was Cybele, the Mother Goddess of all Asia Minor (Turkey); she was taken to Rome from Phrygia, the "Land of the Lions" and the serpent cult.

Rituals to her included baptism in the blood of the sacred bull, who represented her dying consort Attis, of whom Jesus was a carbon copy. Her temple in Rome stood on the site of today's St Peter's Basilica until the 4th century AD when the Christian Church took over. In fact, a priest of Cybele called Montanus or "Mountain Man" identified the deity Attis with Jesus. Some Montanists were locked in their churches by Christians in Asia Minor and burned alive.7 Cybele was the "goddess of the caves", a location where many of the savior-gods in the Jesus mold are said to have been born.

The reptilian underground network?

The red rose of El

The many versions of El are said to be goddesses of sexuality and fertility, and of the Moon and Venus. The stone baptismal bowls found in every Christian Church are symbolic of the "magic stone bowl" of the serpent cult or Illuminati described in the Edda. The Gothic "Christian" doorways and the ridges around them are depictions of the vulva and many even have a clitoris symbol at the top of the arch.

The same is depicted in windows and especially the rose windows of the Gothic cathedrals. At Chartres, they have a window featuring the "Rose of France" with "Mary" in the center. Rose windows face west, the sacred direction of female deities. The red rose is symbolic of the goddess and so we have the Rosicrucians with their red rose and cross symbols.

They are a major strand in the Illuminati web and claim a lineage to ancient Egypt and back to "Noah", that symbol of the reptilian bloodline. Another elite network is the secret society known as the Order of the Rose, which includes the former Canadian prime ministers Brian Mulroney and Pierre Trudeau, both Satanists.8 Trudeau is famous for wearing a red rose in his lapel. Some branches of Freemasonry feature the rose and cross in their rituals. Once again, the Christian Mother Mary is associated with the rose because she is a symbol of goddess worship.

The Romans called the rose the "flower of Venus" and this was a term used for the goddess, including Queen Semiramis. The red rose was symbolic of female sexuality and the white rose or lily is the virgin goddess. Christians associated Mary with both the rose and the lily and they called her the "Holy Rose". This is the same title given to the Indian Great Mother.

The rosary used so widely in the Roman Catholic mother-son cult was copied from the "rosary of the mantras" worn by the Indian destroyer-goddess Kali Ma. Arabs called their rosaries wadija or "rose garden" and the Latin version of this, rosarium, described the early rosaries in Mother Mary worship. In Satanism, one of the main codenames for babies bred for sacrifice is Rose-mary's baby. This was the name of a film by Roman Polanski, the husband of the actress Sharon Tate who was murdered with her unborn child by the Satanic "Family" of Charles Manson. Tony Blair's Labour Party introduced the red rose as its logo thanks to the Illuminati clone and later disgraced government minister Peter Mandelson, whose nickname is the 'Prince of Darkness".

The other two major UK political parties have the logos of the dove (Liberal Democrats) and the lighted torch (Conservatives), both major Illuminati symbols going back thousands of years.

"Shakespeare" was Lord Draconis 

The works of Shakespeare are part of this story, also. The texts are awash with esoteric and Illuminati symbolism and codes. For instance, the "Queen of the Fairies" (reptilian bloodline) in "Shakespeare's" A Midsummer Night's Dream, is another version of the universal goddess called Titania. She was known in legend as the great goddess who ruled the "god-race", the Titans.

Given the Illuminati's staggering obsession with symbolism, I feel there was far more to the sinking of the Titanic (Titania) than ever we have yet realized. These goddesses are fundamentally associated with the sea and the underworld -the victims of the Titanic tragedy in 1912 went to both. I don't buy the "hit an iceberg" line myself. In southern Russia, Titania (known there as Rhea) was "the Red One" and the Romans claimed her to be the mother of Romulus and Remus, the mythical founders of Rome. Titania's king in A Midsummer Night's Dream is called Oberon.

He was based on a real-life character, an ancestor of the man who really put the "Shakespeare" plays together -Edward de Vere of Loxley, 17th Earl of Oxford. The American researcher Brian Desborough, among others, has established that the plays were the work of a syndicate of Illuminati initiates in Elizabethan society, headed by de Vere and including Sir Francis Bacon, John Dee, and Edmund Spenser.

Elizabeth 1st (1558-1603) was serious bloodline and known as the "Faerie Queene". Bacon was a Knights Templar, the head of the Rosicrucian order, and the man who oversaw the translation of the King James Version of the Bible (see The Biggest Secret for more background). Bacon also wrote a book called The New Atlantis which described a society that later became the United States. He also wrote of an "Invisible College" which covertly controlled events. One expression of this "Invisible College" became the Royal Society in London, which was founded by Freemasons in 1660 to dictate scientific thought.

The "Shakespeare" plays were encoded with esoteric knowledge hidden in symbolism and phrases that only an initiate would understand. L.A. Waddell points out that parts of the Edda, compiled at least six centuries before "Shakespeare", are written in a very similar style to that later called "Shakespearian".10 The de Vere family was so high in the reptilian bloodline that Edward de Vere carried the hereditary title of Lord Draconis - the same title awarded to the Dracula bloodline of Vlad the Impaler by the ancient Dragon Order now promoted by Sir Laurence Gardner.

Edward de Vere was a Lord Chancellor of England and his ancestors included Albrey, Prince of Anjou and Guise in France, who was known as the "Elf King" -Dragon King in other words. The aristocratic Anjou line has appeared in my books many times. The House of Anjou is part of the House of Lorraine, one of the most important reptilian bloodlines to this day.

The Plantagenet dynasty, which ruled England from Henry II (1154) to Richard II (1399), were a branch of the House of Anjou and the senior branch was the House of de Vere. The royal historian Baron Thomas Babington Macaulay wrote in 1861 that the Veres were "the longest and most illustrious line of nobles that England has ever seen" with their Merovingian, Pictish, and Scythian (Amazon-Nordic) ancestry."

Laurence Gardner calls them a "true kingly line of the Elven Race", a code for reptilian shape-shifters.

Freemasons are the serpent cult 
Freemasonry is the biggest secret society in the world and a front for the serpent cult, although the vast majority of its members are oblivious to this. The hero of Freemasonry is someone called Hiram Abif. His Freemasonic legend says that he was the "Grand Master and architect of Solomon's Temple" who was killed for refusing to reveal the Masonic secrets. The story has many similarities with the legend of the death of Osiris in Egypt.

Hiram I, the king of Tyre from 969 to 936BC, is not considered the same person as Hiram Abif, although he, too, appears in the story of Solomon's Temple. Hiram Abif is also said to have come from Tyre (an old Knights Templar stronghold) and Ty is a name for Balder. Hiram Abif is the "Widow's Son" in Freemasonry and he is also known to Freemasons as the "Tyrian Architect".

The code "Widow" could represent El, the Dragon goddess, and the son may well be Balder. One of Balder's titles was "the illegitimate son of a widow". The code for distress in Freemasonry goes: "Is there no help for the widow's son?" One of the tribes named in the Edda that fought for the serpent cult was also called Hrym and this later became the Germanic tribe, the Hermin-ones. The Roman historian, Tacitus, said that these descended from Hermin, whom Waddell connects with the bloodline of Wodan.

The worship of the reptilians and their Dragon Queens, and the placing of their bloodlines into the positions of power, is the secret of secrets held within all the secret societies. Jim Shaw, a former 33rd degree Freemason, was initiated into a long list of Freemasonic orders and offshoots. After reaching the highest official levels he saw what Freemasonry really was and wrote an expose called The Deadly Deception.

He was initiated into the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite at the Supreme Headquarters of the 33rd degree in Northwest 16th Street, not far from the White House in Washington DC. It is built as an Egyptian-type temple and outside are two Sphinx-like figures with women's faces. Could this be an indication of the truth about the Sphinx at Giza?

One of the "sphinx" figures at the Washington temple has a cobra entwined around her neck. On the neck of the other one is the image of a woman, symbolic, says Shaw, of fertility and procreation.12 These are some of the gifts associated with goddesses like Artemis/Diana. Behind the row of pillars at the front of the building is a massive depiction of the rising Sun -Horus or, perhaps, the Sun goddess known as Sol. Around this Sun are six large golden snakes and inside this Freemasonic holy-of-holies, the serpent theme continues.

Shaw reports:
"...the thing that is most noticeable is the way the walls are decorated with serpents. There are all kinds, some very long and large. Many of the Scottish Rite degrees include the representation of serpents and I recognized them among those decorating the walls."13
The secret society, serpent cult, and goddess symbolism can be clearly seen in the founding of the United States. Queen Semiramis (meaning "Branch Bearer") was another name for El and she was symbolized as a dove. L.A. Waddell says that the Indian Vedic title for El was Sarama -"The Bitch of the Pani" or Vans. This was Queen Semiramis, the Amazonian queen of Lake Van and it was apparently the source of the tribal title of "Sarma-tian" for the eastern Vandal "Turanian" hordes that ravaged the early Western World.

The Roman serpent cult worshipped Semiramis as Venus Columba or "Venus the Dove". Columbe is still the word for dove in French. Columba became a symbolic name for El or Semiramis, the dragon queen of the serpent cult. So we have Christopher "Columbus" (real name Colon), who bore the branch of the serpent cult to the Americas. We also have British Columbia in Canada; the District of Columbia, the home of Washington DC; and a stream of Illuminati operations called Columbia Pictures, Columbia University, and Columbia Broadcasting, the US network, CBS.

One of the most horrific events in America in recent years was the shootings at Columbine High School and when you begin to appreciate the unbelievable obsession the Illuminati have with symbolism, down to the finest of details, that location is not a co-incidence. The English Grand Lodge of Freemasonry is also located in London in Great Queen Street to symbolize its worship of the serpent queen, El. England, one of the headquarters of the Illuminati, is known as the "Mother Country" and its parliament the "Mother of Parliaments". It is all goddess symbolism, as was Britannia, an earlier name for Britain derived from the Phoenician goddess, Barati or "Barat-Anna".

Freemasonic heroes like Albert Pike, the Supreme Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry in the 19th century, have said that Freemasonry is a revival of the ancient mystery religions of Babylon, Egypt, Persia, Rome, and Greece. "Masonry is identical with the ancient mysteries", he wrote in his Freemasonic "Bible" called Morals And Dogma. So, of course, you are going to find the same knowledge and symbols used in Freemasonry that could be found in the ancient Mystery schools. Pike tells only half the truth, however, because Freemasonry is not a revival of those Mystery religions, it is a continuation of them.

They never went away, only underground. Freemasonry is a wonderful example of how the Illuminati have always hidden the truth in a complex mass of degrees, levels, contradictions, mystique, and blatant lies. And no one is lied to more comprehensively than the Masons themselves. Jim Shaw confirms that lower-degree Masons (the overwhelming majority) are given false information and interpretations to keep them in the dark.

Even at the 33rd-degree level, the official peak, most are told nothing of the true meaning of Freemasonry, its symbols, and agenda. Symbolism is the very foundation of the Anunnaki-Illuminati secret language and codes (see The Biggest Secret) and Freemasonry calls itself a system of pure religion expressed in symbols. So misinterpret the symbols and you have lost the plot completely.

Here we have Albert Pike writing in Morals And Dogma about the Blue Degrees, the bottom three levels that feed into the Scottish and York Rite Degrees:
"The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico (porch) of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretation. It is not intended that he shall understand them, but it is intended that he shall imagine that he understands them ...Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry (those of the 32nd and 33rd degrees)."14
Meanings and... meanings

Even those at the 32nd and 33rd levels are mis-led unless they are an inner-circle bloodline. Jim Shaw says there are two meanings given to Freemasons, the exoteric to the lower initiates and the esoteric to the higher ones. But there is a third - the truth - and that is given only to a tiny elite of bloodline initiates and those who progress beyond the official levels of the secret societies to the unofficial Illuminati degrees.

Shaw says that Freemasonry worships nature, the Sun, and Moon, through the symbol of the phallus. So does Christianity. The phallus, he says, represents the Sun in sexual union with the female Earth to bring new life. On one level that is true, but it is still a spin. Take the Freemasonic symbol of the square and compass (Figure 29 overleaf).

This is always placed over the chair (throne) of the Worshipful Master, which is positioned to the east in Freemasonic Temples, the direction of the rising Sun. Christian churches face east for the same reason. Shaw says that lower-degree Masons are told that the square is to remind them that they must be square or honest in their dealings with all people (excuse me while I laugh hysterically). The compass, they are told, is to teach them to "circumscribe" their passions, and to control their desires.

Maybe the pedophile and Freemason George Bush missed that meeting. Shaw says that later they are told the "real" meaning, which is that the compass is the male phallus of the Sun impregnating the female Earth, symbolized as the square.15

On one level, again, that's true, but to the highest levels of the Illuminati the compass and square represent the impregnation that perpetuates the bloodline. The V and A symbol of Queen Victoria and the German Prince Albert, both reptilian bloodlines, were designed to symbolize this also (Figure 30) and so is the letter G in the Freemasons logo.
Shaw says that, first, Masons are told the G represents "God". Later that it represents deity and still later that it means geometry. But Shaw explains that it really means the male generative principle, the Sun God or phallus. Again, that is one level of its meaning. But to the Illuminati, the G represents the generative principle of expanding and protecting their bloodlines. The point within the circle also represents the impregnation of the female (circle) and with the male (point).

On one level this is another Sun symbol and can be found on the grave of President Kennedy as a flame and circle, but the real meaning is the bloodline. It is the same with the ship symbols you see on Freemasonic buildings. The hull is the female (that's why ships are always "she") and the mast is the phallus impregnating her. Lower-degree Masons are told that the circle and the point represent the individual Mason (point) restricted by the boundary line of duty (the circle). What a hoot.

All these secret society symbols and codes have a meaning for the lower initiates (utter bollocks); the higher initiates (semi-utter bollocks); and for those who make it through to the highest levels of the Illuminati (the true interpretation). In the "blood oaths" (called the "Obligation"), the initiate agrees to accept torture and death if he reveals the "secrets". This maintains the compartmentalization in which the higher levels do not reveal their "secrets" to the lower levels. In truth, as Jim Shaw found out, even at the 33rd degree you are not told anything worthwhile.

The real business exists only above the official levels, and only a handful of Masons ever make it there. Freemasonry is a cesspit of deceit and hypocrisy, and the oaths made to the secret societies and your fellow initiates override any oath you may have made to your country or people as a president, prime minister, congressman, Member of Parliament, policeman, or judge.

Jim Shaw writes:
"The Mason swears to keep the secrets of another Mason, protecting him even if it requires withholding evidence of a crime. In some degrees treason and murder are excepted. In other, higher degrees, there are no exceptions to this promise to cover up the truth. The obligations, if the Masonic teachings are to be believed, may require a Mason to give false testimony, perjure himself, or (in the case of a judge) render a false verdict in order to protect a Mason."16
This has always been the way of the Illuminati serpent cult in all its forms. And the vast majority of the world's political leaders, high administrators of government, judges, policemen, and media owners, have made that oath.

Does anyone still wonder why the truth has never come out until now?

The ritual death of Diana 
The symbolism of the sacrificial murder of Princess Diana by the serpent cult/Illuminati becomes clear from this background knowledge. El, the Dragon Queen, was also known as Hel or Ate (Hate). Still today, Hel-Ate or Hecate is a Satanic deity associated appropriately with hell. After her husband's murder in Dallas, Jackie Kennedy traveled to the Greek island of Delos in the southwest Aegean Sea.

This is the legendary birthplace of Diana and the traditional domain of Hecate, the goddess of the "infernal arts". Delos is known for this reason as the island of the dead. Hecate was portrayed as both a virgin and a whore, and again associated with the Moon. Another version was the Egyptian, Hequet, who delivered the Sun god every morning and her totem was the frog, symbolic, appropriately, of the fetus. Crossroads are the sacred places of Diana and her Satanic expression, Hecate. It is at crossroads that the witches and Grand Masters and sorcerers of Freemasonry perform their rituals.

Crossroads are symbolic of the vortex points created where ley lines cross. In ritual sex magic, the wearing of clothes of the opposite sex and the performance of bisexual acts are called "crossroad rites". The women involved were called "dikes". Remember that the Amazon-manipulated Scythians wore women's clothes in sexual rites to their goddess. Crossroads are also the places of human and animal sacrifice and Hecate (El) is known as a "sex and death goddess", and the goddess of witchcraft and sorcery.

The Illuminati symbolism surrounding Diana's murder is, therefore, simply stunning. At the spot where Diana died, the road that goes through the Pont de L'Alma Tunnel is crossed on the surface by another, which leads on to the Pont de L'Alma Bridge. In fact, this spot is a maze of crossroads. Diana died in the early morning of August 31st.

Hecate's Day in the Satanic calendar is August 13th, but under the Satanic law of reverse symbolism and numbers, Hecate's day of sacrifice is... August 31st!17 Outside the original Paris and now very much inside the modern city, the Merovingians established an underground chamber for the worship of the goddess Diana, and the blood rituals and human sacrifices to her. This site dates back at least to AD500 to 750 and it was here that kings (of the reptilian bloodline) in a dispute over property would settle the issue in combat.

As I mentioned earlier, the location today of this sacrificial site to the goddess Diana/Hecate is... the Pont de L'Alma Tunnel! The word pont relates to Pontifex, a Roman high priest, and it means passage or bridge. Alma comes from Al-Mah, a Middle-Eastern name for the Moon Goddess.18 So Pont de L'Alma translates as "bridge or passage of the Moon Goddess" and the adjoining Place de L'Alma is the "Place of the Moon Goddess" and the Moon Goddess is Diana/Hecate/El. The Amazon goddess Cybele, who was worshipped in Rome at the same time as Hecate, was also known as Alma.

The reason Diana was held so long in the tunnel before being moved to a hospital for treatment was that she had to die in that sacrificial site according to the sick ritual, and she was dead before she was moved. Princess Diana was buried in a tree grove, on an island, in a lake, all of which are associated with the Goddess Diana in all her versions.

Diana's brother, Earl Spencer, also had four black swans introduced to the lake after his sister died. Swans are yet more goddess symbolism and Scandinavian myths claimed that the Valkeries incarnated as swans and wore magic swan-feather cloaks to transform themselves.19 Swan Knights and swan maidens were widely associated with the pagan religion. The story of the sacrificial murder of Princess Diana by the serpent cult-Illuminati is told in over 60 pages in The Biggest Secret.

Troy, Troy, and Troy again The events of ancient Troy connect fundamentally with the death of Princess Diana and so much else besides. The Merovingian bloodline goes back to the Trojan War and beyond, and it was they who founded the city of Paris and named it after the Trojan called Prince Paris, the lover of Helen (El-en) of Troy.

 According to Barbara Walker in The Woman's Encyclopedia Of Myths And Secrets, Helen was said to be an incarnation of the virgin Moon-goddess and daughter of Hecuba or...Hecate.20 Helen was also known as Helle and Selene and was worshipped at a Spartan sexual festival called the Helenphoria that included sexual symbols carried in a basket called the helene.21

Troy or Troia means "three places" in Greek and Hebrew and almost certainly relates to the triple-goddess symbolism of Atlantis and Lemuria with one deity divided into the "trinity", or three aspects. Hecate was known as "Hecate of the Three Ways".22

Troy or Troia is also the origin of the name Tripoli, the capital of Libya, which is so associated with the reptilian Amazons. The legends of Troy say that Helen married the "Moon-king" Menelaus, who was promised immortality because of this "sacred marriage". When Helen went off with Prince Paris, Menelaus wanted to protect his immortality and the wealth the marriage had secured and sailed with his army to take her back. This was the war between the male-led Greeks and the goddess-led Trojans.

Many high Satanic priestesses take the name Helen, Helena, or Elaine -EI-aine.*

* This is not to say that everyone with these names is involved in this, of course. Only that these are names the Illuminati use.

It was under the name Elaine or Ellen that Helen of Troy became the symbolic queen of Britain in pagan times. As I outlined earlier, it was a relative of Helen, a Trojan called Brutus, who sailed west to Britain after the fall of Troy and founded a city called Caer Troia or New Troy -today's London. Other derivatives of El or Hel are Helenia, Helga, Hild, Helsinki, Holstein, and Holland (Hel-land or Halland), one of the major centers for the reptilian bloodlines to this day. Pliny, the Roman writer, said that all the people of "Scatinavia", or Scandinavia, were children of "Mother Hel" and were called Helleviones.23

They believed that she lived in elder or Hel-trees/elven trees. Sir Laurence Gardner, of the Royal Dragon Court and Order, says that his "Dragon Bloodlines" have been called the Elven Race and that terms like elf, fairy, and pixie all symbolize the "representatives of various castes within the kingly succession" (the reptilian hierarchy).24

So many fairy tales and other children's stories are encoded with the theme of the dragon bloodlines and their battles for power. The tales of princes and princesses "turning into a frog" is symbolic of shape-shifting. The same with dragon princesses locked in towers or giving birth to frogs.

The Set-serpent cult is Satanism

The Satanists still use the deities, symbols, and rituals today that were used by the ancients because they represent the same stream of control and bloodline. In the United States, we have the Temple of Set, an offshoot from Anton LaVey's infamous Church of Satan.

The Temple of Set was formed in 1975 by Michael Aquino, one of the most notorious exponents of the Illuminati's mind control network, as detailed in my other books. Images of Set and the Set-Wolf symbolism go back at least to 3200BC, the period of the battles between the Nordics and the serpent cult recorded in the Edda (Figure 31).
The Temple of Set website tells us:
"The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the last early monuments connected with the idea of a Setian afterlife as well as a solar one. The Great Pyramid had a special air shaft for the king's akh to fly to the star Alpha Draconis, which is the star of Set in the Constellation of the Thigh (today's 'Big Dipper')."25
Alpha Draconis is the alleged base of the "Draco" reptilian "royalty". It was known to the Egyptians as Thurban, an Arabic word meaning dragon, and the pyramid builders aligned their structures with Thurban/Alpha Draconis, which was the pole star around 3000BC. The Hyksos tribe, who invaded and ruled Egypt from around 1785-1580 BC, were Set worshippers and they placed their capital at

Avaris on an ancient site of Set worship. They represented Set with an ass head. A line of Set-worshipping priests from Tanis eventually became the royal line of pharaohs, people like Seti ("Set's man") and Setnakt ("Set is Mighty"). This was the serpent cult.

Holle-wood, the land of El-lusion

I can't emphasize enough that to understand what we call the present we have to understand the past, and this is why the Anunnaki-Illuminati have concentrated so much effort on rewriting history. Even Hollywood is an example. The Druids were tree worshippers, especially the oak. The holly was their most sacred symbol because it was sacred to Mother Holle or Hel, the goddess of the underworld.

Thus we have Holle or Holly-wood (Hel-wood), the "place of magic" and home of the Illuminati's mass propaganda and conditioning machine in California. The holly wood was a favorite source of magic wands. The holly or "holy" was associated with El or Hel's vagina and the Germanic "Hohle" means cave or grave.26

The cave is the traditional birthplace of the "Jesus"-type deities. The red holly berries symbolized the female blood, and the white berries symbolized the male semen and death. The importance of the holly, or holy tree can be seen in the Christmas pagan hymn sung today by Christians which says that the "holly bears the crown". Interestingly, the official Scottish residence of the British royal family is called the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh.

Rood is a name for the rowan wood featured in the Edda in relation to Thor. The new Scottish Parliament is also being housed in Holyrood Road. High above the Palace of Holyroodhouse, at the highest point in Holyrood Park, is a rock called King Arthur's Seat.

If you are new to these subjects, I hope that you are beginning to appreciate how so much of what we call past and present are fundamentally connected, and how the calling cards of this covert force can be seen everywhere if you take the time to look.

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