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Altered Carbon TV Series & Correlations to Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, SSP


In the Altered Carbon TV Series & Correlations to Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, SSP we discuss how the Altered Carbon show discloses the concepts of Cybernetics Labs, Smart Suits, Consciousness Soul Transfer, Immortality, Clones, Memory Engrams, Augmented Cyborgs, Life extension technologies, etc.


Smart Suit Technology & Cybernetic Labs on ICC Mars Bases videos & PDF files:

Disclosure About the Secret Space Programs & the Dark Fleet (July 24, 2016) (Smart suits pages 15, 16, 23, 24)

Cyborg Medical ICC Labs on Mars Bases (UPDATED) (March 19, 2017)

Har Bracha settlers propel burning tires downhill, aiming at a Palestinian home, 5 February 2018

Thunder God Root-Vine : HDAC Inhibition : Vortex within the Atom

The Failure of Peer Review (Especially in Medicine) Which journal believed penises cause climate change? Is peer review a form of censorship? How many journals published the bogus "Wonder Drug Paper"? How much published scientific literature is simply bullshit? Is peer review all it's cracked up to be? OR is there a crisis occurring in science regarding that venerable sacred cow? Answers to these questions and more lie within this video featuring Brendan D. Murphy, author of The Grand Illusion: A Synthesis of Science and Spirituality.
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Die "BRD-GmbH"


Dr. Klaus Maurer unterhält sich mit Jo Conrad über die völkerrechtliche Situation Deutschlands, die BRD, HLKO und die sich daraus ergebenden Chancen für Veränderungen.
Original von

Northern Polar Vortex '17-'18 | Formation to Split

Lynn de Rothschild & Maria Bartiromo vs John Podesta

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Demonstrationen sind Unsinn

Göbekli Tepe: Enclosure 'E' and the Mysterious Cup-Marks

Geo economics of Saudi Arabia’s NEOM project

Newly-developed 3D printing method uses cells, biomolecules to recreate tissues

UK researchers have developed a new 3D printing technique - but this press prints not in plastic, glass, or metal, but rather in cells and molecules you'd normally find in living tissue. Cells spreading on the outside of 3D-printed scaffold.

Weapon of Deception: The Crystalline Consciousness Virus


This discussion covers the ancient origins of the Crystalline virus code infection/counterfeit overlay upon earth via deceptive and infected entities, introducing a series of viruses that humankind still battles today..Part one of a wider work expanding on this area and much more in scope..

Shattered Mirrors - written by Marilee NiEtain

This following is meant to clarify the terms mentioned in this latest webcast: Seraph, Sephirah, Sephiroth, and the term serphiroph mentioned. I did not wish confusion to begin brewing concerning these very different terms, and in the minor introduction level of this information we are only breaking the surface of in this segment.

I didn’t want any confusion with the interjection of, but not limited to, the Cathar period that introduced Sephirah and Sepheroth and overwrote the Kathar period. This could mislead folk down the false overwrite of Starfire, into what became known as the Sephira of the Kabala and then the claim of “titles” of Sephirah and Sephiroth when the morph into the next version, the Qabala, entered with the Solomon, Abraham, Chem-Zoroaster, etc...Many know where all that false programming led.

The corruption of the Red/Green (robes) into the White/Black (robes), complete with red girdles/garters and the alteration of the Original Royal hard wiring into the counterfeit royal wiring hidden behind the doors of the Church and social conditioning/engineering. The major corruption of wyrd to word also happened at this time. This is just a very small piece of the viral breakdown.

The “Egyptian” and “Judeo” overwrite known as Is-Ra-El in honor of the cronies responsible for this small piece of the viral overwrite has been discussed over the last couple of decades, though is still way off the true arrow of the target. There were other periods of overwriting prior to this, although this is the HUGE one that really hard set the trajectory into the mess so many are feebly trying to unravel today. 

Boiled down to the coveting or the Scythian royal line resulting in the corrupted Sith version we all see around us now- and no, I am not speaking of the latest overwrite work of the gaming and movie programming which is doing a 'fine job' of keeping the deception and confusion going.

When I speak of “Seraph” as an umbrella term, it covers ALL of these multi-fractures of the Original template involved in this one, tiny (but hugely significant), part of the much larger virus splitting sequence. 

Primarily adopted by the many tiered angel/arch-angel hierarchy, each “angel” utilizing hundreds of names and faces to muddy the waters indefinitely. THIS is why it is so much easier to work in terms of FREQUENCY. The names and faces can change, although the scent of the frequency signature cannot be erased. 

I would really hate to see the Ancient term, Serphiroph, become misconstrued in the fracture because we did not make the distinction early on in our opening discussion of this important topic. 

The series of corruption and dissolution of wyrd/word along with the ensuing engineering of the brain (specifically the pineal, limbic, and corpus callosum axon/synapse/neurotransmitter sequences) to mimic the hard wiring of the “Old Dragon”/ Royal biostructure has been one, if not THE, driving force of the theft of the Mysteries and ensuing hunt and genocide masked by the deadly “Search for the Holy Grail” so many have died repeatedly for. Mix in the fear and demonization smoke screen and all are happily chasing shadows down the DeVere and Davidic blind alleys, which is all well and good in my opinion, posturing and claiming superiority is the MO of the day. Sadly at the expense of all others.

Parts I & II of my intro article, Real/Reel Road Crossing, discussing some of this and leading to much deeper future discussions can be found here: 

The Souls of Humanity

2. On the HAL Approach to the Psychological Work


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The Sorry State of Russian Aviation Safety

What EVERYONE is Missing About "Russiagate"

Our View of the Universe Could Change Forever | Space News


EU2017: Future Science -- Rebroadcast—only $29:

For the last 85 years, scientists have hypothesized many different types of dark matter, and the search continues in earnest today, with astronomical sums invested in the technological quest to prove dark matter’s existence. Yet rather than finding any confirmation of dark matter, space scientists have been left empty-handed, with only an ever-growing list of unresolved puzzles.

Today, we offer a brief preview of a forthcoming presentation by Dr. Donald E. Scott, which will summarize his soon-to-be-published scientific paper, "Birkeland Currents and Dark Matter."

PDF of Dr. Scott's 2015 paper, "Birkeland Currents: A Force-Free Field-Aligned Model":

PDF of Dr. Scott's 2018 paper, "Birkeland Currents and Dark Matter":

If you see a CC with this video, it means that subtitles are available. To find out which ones, click on the Gear Icon in the lower right area of the video box and click on “subtitles” in the drop-down box. Then click on the subtitle that you would like. 

On the HAL Approach to the Progression Work


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Time 3.2-How I Learned to Control Time On My Summer Vacation


This is the second hour of the public video with Clif High. Part is here:
The full version of the recording, along with a BONUS third hour segment, is available to our subscribers at:

We ask the viewers to listen carefully as many concepts are woven into the subject matter which have rarely, if ever, been integrated. 

Hour 2 subject include:
Technology and methods behind the quantum computer; The Mandela Effect and quantum computers; psychic abilities, waves of Mandela-type effects connected to quantum computer deployment; personal Mandela Effects: our brains reacting to all the waves being shoved out of these (quantum) devices.

Explanation of "missing time", e.g.-UFO experiences or trigger event; specific responses in the body to your own past---a gap; same part of brain as affected by the Mandela Effect...and we return back to the Farsight Institute's remote viewing project where quantum entanglement gets another go-round...

Vegan Crab Cakes

On the New Forms of Parenting

Top Science News | 3-Day Global Forecast

Vatican revives pope's sexual abuse panel

The Vatican said Saturday it has renewed its anti-paedophile panel as Pope Francis acts to quell the global scandal over the sexual abuse of children by priests. Nine new members were added to the panel, which had come under fire from two high-profile members, former sex abuse victims who quit at what they saw as a lack of reforms and obstruction at the highest level of the Catholic Church.

Rwandan Makes a Prototype That Enables Whatsapp Users to Call Without Internet

Calling from Japan, China, United States of America or even from Europe to Africa, is one of the most expensive things one can do. Telecommunication firms charge a lot of money both on text messages and calling.

Time 3.1: Our Bodies, Time, & Quantum Entanglement


This is the first hour of the public video with Clif High. Part 2 will follow shortly. We ask the viewers to listen carefully as many concepts are woven into the subject matter which have rarely, if ever, been integrated. The full version of the recording, along with a BONUS third hour segment, is available to our subscribers at:

Subjects discussed in thefirst hour include:
Implications of remote viewing the Cosmic Wars by Farsight Institute; concurrent "nows", the construct of twin toroidal fields pulsing @ 22trillion times/second; how the Industrial Revolution interrupted man's "dreamtime" with the 8 hour work day; importance of the vagus nerve system and the parasympathetic system; humans controlled through our experiences in time; temporal displacement, backward time experiences, and stimulus/responses...and more

Reclaiming Consciousness: The Final War and the Dissolution of Illusions Part 3

Die Cholesterin-Lügen & wahren Ursachen des erhöhten Cholesterin


Gesundheit TV Thema: Die Cholesterin Lüge. Wir suchen die wahren Ursachen des erhöhten Cholesterin. Von der Mainstream-Medizin wird allgemein behauptet, wenn man Fett isst, steigt das Cholesterin, das Cholesterin ist schädlich, verursacht eine Gefässverkalkung sowie Herz- und Gehirninfarkte. Deswegen soll man wenig Fett essen und bei Erhöhung mit chemischen Mitteln den Cholesterinspiegel senken. In den letzten Jahrzehnten wurden die Normbereiche des Blutdrucks, Blutzuckers und Cholesterins immer weiter gesenkt , so dass ein beträchtlicher Teil der Bevölkerung zu "Kranken" gemacht wird, die einer Behandlung bedürfen. Es werden Blutdrucksenker, Blutzuckersenker, Cholesterinsenker, Blutverdünner und dazu noch ein Säureblocker für den Magen verabreicht. Eine Fünffachtherapie, die jeder Patient (ab 55 spätestens mit 60 Jahren) bekommt und damit ausgesorgt hat, was seine Fähigkeit der Pillenaufnahme angeht. Für die eigentlich notwendigen Therapien bleibt kein Platz! Ein tragischer und trauriger Stand von Primitivität in der heutigen Medizin. Die Verabreichung der fünf Standardmittel führt in die absolute Chronizität und damit in die Verschlimmerung der Erkrankung. 

QuantiSana.TV Moderator Nikolaus Hippe im Gespräch mit Dr. med. Manfred Doepp (Leitender Arzt im QuantiSana GesundheitsZentrum) und Dr. Heinz Reinwald (Ernährungswissenschaftler). 

Dr. Heinz Reinwald Ernährungswissenschaftler Expertenrat QuantiSana GesundheitsZentrum AG Dr. med. Manfred Doepp Leitender Arzt QuantiSana GesundheitsZentrum AG +41 (0)71 544 95 62 

QuantiSana.TV sehen: Via Kabel Schweiz 5 mehrfach täglich gemäss Programm Via Satellit ASTRA täglich von 20:00 – 08:00 Uhr

Got Heart? Matilda Macy gives the elite a hand

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People Are Crashing iPhones By Posting Bug-Triggering Characters On Social Media

Shortly after a new bug was discovered that could crash iPhones by making the phones try to display a single character, people began posting the character on social media with so-called “text bombs” in attempts to crash as many phones as possible.

Brazil to use army in shock tactic to tame Rio violence

Brazil is to send in the army in an increasingly desperate fight to tame runaway gang violence in Rio de Janeiro, following a decree signed Friday by President Michel Temer. Army patrols are already ...

Summary: DNA Results Of The Paracas Elongated Skulls Of Peru

M7.2 Earthquake, Coronal Hole Stream | S0 News Feb.17.2018

Disclosure about Corey Goode, Roger Ramsaur, Smart Suits, Holographic Medical Pods, SSP


In the Disclosure about Corey Goode, Roger Ramsaur, Smart Suits, Holographic Medical Pods, & SSP we discuss how Ileana got to know Corey Goode and Roger Ramsaur Richards through various email and text correspondences. We walk through Ileana's timeline of starting disclosing her information in 2016 about what she knows about the ICC Mars Bases, ICC Cybernetic Labs, ICC Smart Suits, Holographic Medical Pods, Portable Meditech Units, etc. Ileana claims she was an Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate Secret Space Program Asset, Corey Goode tried to convince Illeana through his mind control manipulation emails, various smear campaign tactics on the internet that Ileana is a fake, liar and danger to children. Goode had no supporting evidence to back up any of his claims about Ileana and that she had never been an SSP asset.

Here is Ileana's various disclosure work about the topics that she discussed in this video concerning the ICC Mars Bases, Cybernetic Labs, Smart Suits, Holographic Medical Pods, Portable Meditch Units, etc.:

Smart Suit Technology & Cybernetic Labs on ICC Mars Bases videos & PDF files:

Disclosure About the Secret Space Programs & the Dark Fleet (July 24, 2016) (Smart suits pages 15, 16, 23, 24)

Cyborg Medical ICC Labs on Mars Bases (UPDATED) (March 19, 2017) (Smart suits page 4)

Inside the Secret Space Programs: Bases and Living Arrangements (UPDATED) (March 27, 2017) (Smart suits page 3)

Mars Colonies and Bases Protected by Domes in Craters (November 18, 2017)

Wet Rooms & Torture Interrogation Rooms, Dark Fleet, Secret Space Programs (December 18, 2017)

Secret Space Programs Disclsoure with Anthony Zender PART 2 (Smart Suits)

Remote Viewing of Cigar Shaped Asteroid Craft & Secret Space Program Connections (December 25, 2017)


Holographic Medical Pods & Portable Meditech Units Secret Space Programs videos & PDF files:

Holographic Medical Pods & Secret Space Programs (Voiced Over) (December 4, 2017)

Holographic Medical Pods & Secret Space Programs (June 2, 2016)

Cyborg Medical ICC Labs on Mars Bases (UPDATED) (March 19, 2017) (Holographic medical pods page 15)



Ancient Builder Race Outposts on Venus and Earth (January 26, 2018)


Descendants of the Ancient Builder Races (April 19, 2016)

Dog food recall: Euthanasia drug found in cans of Gravy Train, Kibbles ‘N Bits and more

It’s the latest in what has become a disturbingly common occurrence — another pet food maker has recalled a variety of canned dog food after a dangerous chemical was found in its food during a TV station’s investigation.

The Defector

Montecito fire and mudslide victims accuse power utility of removing potential evidence

LOS ANGELES — Southern California Edison is removing power poles from the Santa Paula foothills that could be vital to determining the cause of the deadly Thomas fire, as well as the ensuing debris flow that devastated Montecito, according to area residents.

Bill & Melinda Gates To Focus ON US Children, After Countries Kicked Them Out For Killing Children


Sterilizing Children, Paralyzing Children.

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SEC Blocks Chinese Takeover Of Chicago Stock Exchange

34-82727 by zerohedge on Scribd

The Obama Presidential Portrait Observation


The Presidential Portraits of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were unveiled to the public on 02-12-18. The date is coded 23 and both paintings are heavily coded with the relevant ritual code, that will be shown and discussed. 

Michelle Obama's portrait was found to be showing a supportive code of the larger new world order, that her partner, Barack Obama serves. Both images reveal code, but the Obama portrait, clearly reveals a formal message of respect to the 23 cabal and to their deity or ancient God, that such a group worships and sacrifices human victims for.

Artist Credits:
Barack Obama selected New York-based portraitist Kehinde Wiley for his painting, while Michelle Obama selected Baltimore-based artist Amy Sherald.

This video runs much longer than usual because it will cover both paintings and the extensive code contained within each effort and once all code is shown, a short discussion at the end of this report will bring together elements of Tesla, 369, Trump, and why perhaps numbers and ritual sacrifices play such a large role in the mega ritual, that is using the assistance of artificial intelligence, Ai to help the 23 cabal, achieve their new world order success and ritual phase 9, that represents their end game success.

Background Sources and Links: