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Study Published In The Journal Of Clinical Oncology Shows That The ‘Success’ Rate Of Chemotherapy To 5-Year Survival Is Only 2.1% … But Wait It Gets Worse  

Red Wolf Pups - Critically Endangered Cuteness

Russia's private mercenaries and the lengths Moscow goes to deny them

Michael Tsarion : Chronicles of the Psychonautilus (part 2)

Hackers emptied Ethereum wallets by breaking the basic infrastructure of the internet

1200 Ton Unfinished Obelisk At Aswan Egypt: What Caused Work To Suddenly Stop?

Deadly Storm, Cosmic Dust, Moon Volcano? | S0 News Apr.25.2018

Australian Gov't Scooped Up Tons Of Cell Site Location Data To Track Citizens' Movements

from the serving-the-public-by-eliminating-its-direct-participation dept

A couple of years after it happened, Australian citizens are finally being (indirectly) informed their government harvested cell site location info to track their daily activities. This isn't the work of an intelligence agency or a secretive law enforcement effort. Instead, it's an (unannounced) partnership between the Australian Bureau of Statistics (which handles the Australian Census) and a cellphone service provider. The provider apparently willingly turned over cell site info without a court demand, government mandate, or consultation with its customers. Asher Wolf has the details at Medium:
The ABS claims population estimates have a “major data gap” and so they’ve been a busy bee figuring out a way to track crowd movement. Their solution? Mobile device user data.
“…with its near-complete coverage of the population, mobile device data is now seen as a feasible way to estimate temporary populations,” states a 2017 conference extract for a talk by ABS Demographer Andrew Howe.
While the “Estimated Resident Population” (ERP) is Australia’s official population measure, the ABS felt the pre-existing data wasn’t ‘granular’ enough. What the ABS really wanted to know was where you’re moving, hour by hour, through the CBD, educational hubs, tourist areas.
Third-party records are almost always easily-accessible. They are subject to very limited protections. But generally, when the government wants access to records, it's because they're targeting someone in a criminal or national security investigation. What few people expect is for the government to obtain this data en masse, then proudly proclaim its usefulness a couple of years after it's already made use of it.
Cellphone users weren't informed of the government's plans. And the telco made no effort to inform affected customers or give them an opportunity to opt out. While it may look like an innocuous effort to gauge temporary population increases linked to special events and holiday weekends, the information obtained could easily be mined to gain insight on traffic to places of worship, government buildings, airports, workplaces, and protests.
Supposedly, the information has been anonymized. It obviously hasn't been completely stripped of personal information. The slide deck [PDF] detailing the effort notes the data can be broken down by age and sex. The anonymization claim is made without any support from the ABS, which still has yet to provide any further info -- much less a privacy impact assessment -- via its website.
As Wolf points out, the ABS doesn't exactly have a great track record on either data anonymization or protecting the massive amount of data it collects.
Considering the last attempt by a government department to roll-their-own-crypto resulted in the MBS/PBS data breach of 2.5 million Australians, it’d be nice to know exactly how the ABS or telco anonymised and aggregated the data — especially since the ABS on-sells micro-data, from time to time.
As other rights agencies and activists note, the collection of personal info in bulk by the government is always alarming. At best, the techniques deployed here are "deeply unethical." At worst, they conjure images of the worst government behavior: the use of personal info to target specific groups for additional surveillance or internment (as was done with the Japanese during World War II using US Census data). The entire project was undertaken with zero public notice by an agency already known for being cavalier in its treatment of the wealth of personal information obtained through the Census.
ABS has promised more answers but has ignored Wolf's direct questions about the study -- including the telco involved and the method used to anonymize the data. When it finally delivers its "detailed information paper" -- two years after the fact -- it's unlikely the details will include the answers Wolf is seeking. 

CIA says foreign AI is tracking its spies

Putin Signs Internet Libel Bill Into Law

Lugal-Zage-Si: King of Sumer

NWO 2018 Astrological Forecast 2.0 - Saturn in Astrology & it's Esoteric/Exoteric Nature

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Local communities to train for mass power outage scenario

Foods That Combat the 4 Root Causes of Cancer

Alex Jones is Compromised w/ Adam Green

Petrified Giants?

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Disclosure 1 - The Implementation of the Enhanced Humans

How the Old Orion Technology to this day is Enslaving Humans

Becoming a New Type of Human


Read the Blog post where I elaborate more on this: http://higherawarenesslifestyle.blogs... How to Begin the Progression Work:

Army Building "Self-Aware" Squid-Like Robot That Can Be "3-D Printed" During Combat

The Army Research Laboratory's next robot weapon isn't a new predator drone or even a robot dog like the infamous prototype developed by Boston Labs.
Instead, it's a "self-aware" robot built from flexible materials inspired by invertebrates like squid, the Army Times reports. 
But in addition to its advance machine-learning capabilities, the material used to build the robots is so lightweight and malleable that soldiers will be able to "print" the robots on the battlefield, the control them with controllers that send electric currents through the materials. 
In case you weren’t already terrified of robots that can jump over walls, fly or crawl, Army researchers are developing your next nightmare - a flexible, soft robot inspired by squid and other invertebrates.
And they want soldiers to be able to use 3D printers to make them on the battlefield.
The U.S. Army Research Laboratory and the University of Minnesota are developing materials that can be 3D printed based on the flexibility and nimbleness of invertebrates such as a squid, according to an ARL release.
Researchers were inspired to design the new type of robot after testing material that would bend in any direction when hit with electricity.
Traditional materials are too rigid and limit certain types of movement that robots might require to get into "confined or restricted spaces," said Ed Habtour, an ARL researcher.
The prototypes that Habtour and fellow ARL researchers developed gave 3D-printed actuators three times the movement as what’s been tested before.
The material that they’ve used in their testing will bend in any direction when hit with electricity.
"In the initial phase of the project, our team began by investigating new methods for emulating the locomotion of invertebrates," said Michael McAlpine, a professor at the University of Minnesota.
That helped researchers learn how to apply the natural movement of invertebrates like squids to produce "high bending motions without skeletal support," McAlpine said.  
Read more:

Moscow Domestic Violence Appeals Skyrocket After Decriminalization Law


In light of the recent Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Facebook is quickly becoming one of the world’s least trusted companies. A survey from the Ponemon Institute, a research group focused on data privacy and information security shows that trust in Facebook has fallen 66 percent to where now only 28 percent of users believe the company is “committed to privacy.”
Although many people are unaware of what goes on behind the scenes at Facebook, social media is not their only business. As part of an ongoing research and development venture, a project called Building 8 was created to develop technology “in the style of DARPA.”
Former DARPA executive Regina Dugan was recruited to head the project as her experience with augmented reality and mental and nervous system manipulation has given her the perfect skill set to make this project a technological success.
DARPA however, has come under scrutiny in the past for developing dangerous weaponized technologies like HELLADS, or High-Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System, commonly known as the “death ray.” Dugan was also accused of ethics violations by the Department of Defense for offering government contracts to a company she founded called RedXDefense.
Building 8 was created with four projects in mind, all centering around augmented reality and brain-scanning technology. Zuckerberg believes that within the next ten years we will begin to see a stronger link between Facebook and the mind.
“You’re going to just be able to capture a thought, what you’re thinking or feeling in kind of its ideal and perfect form in your head, and be able to share that with the world” – Mark Zuckerberg
Ultimately, Facebook intends on creating an entire augmented reality to overlay our day-to-day lives. He believes that with this new technology, common household equipment like TV’s will become obsolete.
“In the future, you’ll be able to snap your fingers and pull out a photo and make it as big as you want, and with your AR glasses you’ll be able to show it to people and they’ll be able to see it. As a matter of fact, when we get to this world, a lot of things that we think about as physical objects today, like a TV for displaying an image, will actually just be $1 apps in an AR app store. So it’s going to take a long time to make this work. But this is the vision, and this is what we’re trying to get to over the next 10 years.” – Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook users need to ask themselves whether or not they want to live in this world of augmented reality. It’s uncertain at this point just how many of our current abilities and freedoms we could lose if this kind of technology took over our lives.
Would it be possible to have a private moment? With Facebook technology becoming ever-more invasive into our lives and their protection of privacy becoming increasingly moot, it’s possible that at some point in time we may not even remember what life was like before Facebook took control over our perceptions and intimate data.
However, alternative technology companies are gaining more and more popularity in light of Facebook censorship and privacy concerns. Websites like and Diaspora are gaining new users each day and are emerging as serious competitors to current social media giants. It’s possible that new technology could emerge from alternative, decentralized sources to combat the intrusion of companies like Facebook.
In an increasingly troubled world, it’s important that we think about which direction we want to go as a society and who we choose to give power. Otherwise, we might end up losing sight of what it means to be human altogether. 
Phillip Schneider is a student and a staff writer for Waking Times.
This article (Facebook Teams Up with Shady DARPA Executive to Scan Your Brain and Augment Your Reality) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Phillip Schneider and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

Bruce Lipton on Exosomes and Cancer - April 2018 Webinar Sample

Why we have created a Virtual Nervous System

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Google Services Blocked in Russia Following Telegram Ban

The Russian Deep State: Putin & the Assassination of Journalists


In this special report Newsbud’s founder and editor Sibel Edmonds and Spiro discuss the recent and suspicious death of a Russian journalist who was best known for exposing corruption as well as the Russian private military contractor The Wagner Group. We also take a look at the recent history of journalists who have been targeted with the ultimate form of censorship, assassination. Newsbud is 100% independent and people funded. Sign up today and receive instant access to 100’s of exclusive articles and video reports only at Show Notes:

Psychological Warfare & Subversion: Cultural Marxism, Islamism and Feminism

10% Die Kritische Masse

Mossad kills Palestinian engineer in Malaysia


A Hamas-affiliated Palestinian engineer from the Gaza Strip was shot dead on Saturday near the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur in an assassination blamed on the Mossad. Malaysian police confirmed these report and claim that an investigation is still underway. Al-Batash was assassinated when two unidentified individuals fired more than ten bullets at him. its a certainty that Israel is able to use Hamas as a justification for failing to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority. On a number of occasions, when peace talks have been instigated by Egypt and the United States, no progress has been made, due to Israel not wanting to give an inch to Hamas, who the Israeli's claim, is a terrorist organization.

Sun, Asteroid, Planet "X", Deep Quake | S0 News Apr.23.2018


Today's Featured Links: NEO Missed: Planet X… or 9/10:

NWO 2018 Astrological Forecast


Messianic Ideologies: How Does NWO Make World Wars

Trump meets with Chabad rabbis in Oval Office


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Losing Contact in the Desert The 2017 Fake-Over of American Ufology

Losing Contact in the Desert - Little Giant.pdf

Dreamscape: Tapping The Unconscious with Jerry and Niish of Nox Mente

On this episode of OffPlanet Radio we are joined by Jerry and Niish from Nox Mente. Jerry Cthulhu is a conspiracy and esoteric info buff (also a lurker and a and Niish is an artist and connoisseur/curator of unusual experiences and phenomena at all levels of reality. Their show, Nox Mente, explores the dreamworlds of many of the unique characters in the alternative, conspiracy and experiencer communities. Nox Mente is unquestionably in the spirit of what we consider OffPlanet Radio to be........the underground. Enjoy! Please support Jerry and Niish by subscribing to their channels. Nox Mente: Jerry Cthulhu: Niish:

FCC Filings Reveal Facebook's Mysterious Drone Test Above The Skies Of New Mexico

Fcl Tech, Inc., which also operates under the name Facebook Connectivity Lab, is secretly testing experimental wireless devices — mounted onto an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), i.e. drones, above the skies of the New Mexican desert, according to the latest Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Application for Special Temporary Authority.

Business Insider highlights the FCC filing, which shows that FCL Tech Inc. — a Facebook subsidiary that develops aerospace and communication technologies, including high-altitude long-endurance drones aimed at providing internet access in the emerging growth world — was recently cleared by the Federal Government to conduct three months of tests from March 01 to June 01.
According to the filing, the tests are for an “LTE-based connectivity project requires a hardware prototype testing facility to assess key risks associated with communication system architecture, channel modeling and link budget verification at a coverage area spanning 50 km radius.”
While the manufacture of the drone is “confidential,” the filing indicates Fcl Tech, Inc. will be experimenting with “two units.” The filing further reveals the company is conducting experiments in the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.
While the details of the project are confidential, the filing notes that the experiment will include the 3650 – 3700 Mhz radio frequency, which Business Insider notes are the “spectrum for the so-called Citizens Radio Broadband Service, an unlicensed radio band that many companies believe could be useful for 4G LTE wireless networks.”
Down the street from the Fcl Tech, Inc.’s test site, is an FAA-licensed space center located on 18,000 acres of State Trust Land in the Jornada del Muerto desert basin in New Mexico, residing next to the U.S. Army’s White Sands Missile Range. Business Insider specifies that the area is home to the space tourism industry, including Virgin Galactic. In recent years, Google has conducted experimental test runs at Spaceport, for aircraft hovering 25,000 feet in the air while operating wireless communications devices.
The suspected drone behind Fcl Tech, Inc.’s experiment could be the solar-powered “Aquila” drone. Back in 2016, Mark Zuckerberg wrote a blog post about the “first successful flight of Aquila.”
“On June 28th, we completed the first successful flight of Aquila — our solar-powered plane that will beam internet to remote parts of the world and eventually break the record for longest unmanned aircraft flight.”
The Facebook CEO describes what happened during the first experimental flight test:
“The flight took place before dawn in Yuma, Arizona. Our original mission was to fly Aquila for 30 minutes, but things went so well that we decided to keep the plane up for 96 minutes. We gathered lots of data about our models and the aircraft structure — and after two years of development, it was emotional to see Aquila actually get off the ground. But as big as this milestone is, we still have a lot of work to do. Eventually, our goal is to have a fleet of Aquilas flying together at 60,000 feet, communicating with each other with lasers and staying aloft for months at a time — something that’s never been done before.” 
Read more:

In light of this, I suggest rewatching this video.

Eva Herman: Endlich raus aus der Schweigespirale!


Die Meinungsfreiheit ist vielerorts zu einer fast alles beherrschenden Mediokratie verkommen. Was nicht in den Mainstream, nicht in die politisch verordneten Richtlinien passt, wird sowohl von den Systemmedien als auch von der Mehrheit der Politiker als „Verschwörung“ oder als „Rechtsextremismus“ gerügt und immer strenger geahndet. Zunehmend mehr Menschen, die ihre Sorgen über die politischen Veränderungen kundtun möchten, verstummen nun. Sie wagen es kaum noch, etwas zu sagen, aus Angst vor Repressalien: Sie geraten in die Schweigespirale“. „Die Schweigespirale führt dazu, dass ein politisches Lager oder auch die öffentliche Mehrheit sich für schwach erklärt und immer mehr verstummt, während das andere, durchaus kleinere Lager Oberwasser bekommt und siegesgewiss auftritt.“ Das sind die Worte jener Frau, welche der Schweigespirale als solcher einst diesen Namen gab. Ex-Tagesschau-Moderatorin Eva Herman spricht über das hochinteressante und gleichzeitig gefährlichste Phänomen für eine jede Gesellschaft, welche sich bereits in totalitären Strukturen befindet.

Michael Tsarion ~ Enter The Dragon

Russia: Jehovah’s Witness Faces 10-Year Sentence

Germany's Largest Public TV News Broadcaster: Syria Chemical Attack "Most Likely Staged"

A senior correspondent for German state media broadcast ZDF heute stunned his European audience during a report from on the ground in Syria when he gave a straightforward and honest account of his findings while investigating what happened in Douma. The veteran reporter, Uli Gack, interviewed multiple eyewitnesses of the April 7 alleged chemical attack and concluded of the testimonials, "the Douma chemical attack is most likely staged, a great many people here seem very convinced."
It appears that all local Syrians encountered by the German public broadcast reporter were immediately dismissive of the widespread allegation that the Syrian government gassed civilians, which the US, UK, France, and Israel used a pretext for launching missile strikes on Damascus.
ZDF heute: The world continues to puzzle over whether the banned chemical weapons were used in Douma. ZDF correspondent Uli Gack is in Syria for us: "you were in a large refugee camp today and talked to a lot of people - what did you hear about the attack there?" Gack responded, "the Douma chemical attack is most likely staged, a great many people here seem very convinced."
The German ZDF report is consistent with veteran British journalist Robert Fisk's investigation upon being the first Western journalist to gain access to the site in Douma. Fisk reported early this week, "There are the many people I talked to amid the ruins of the town who said they had 'never believed in' gas stories–which were usually put about, they claimed, by the armed Islamist groups."
Die Welt rätselt weiter, ob die geächteten in eingesetzt wurden. ZDF-Korrespondent Uli Gack ist für uns in - Sie waren heute in einem großen Flüchtlingscamp und haben mit vielen Leuten gesprochen - was haben Sie denn dort über den Angriff gehört?
ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) is one of Germany's largest and oldest state-owned channels, which is funded in part through citizens paying a household licensing fee, and Heute is perhaps the most visible public news program in all of Germany.
According to the live report, some witnesses told ZDF that Islamist rebels killed victims with chlorine, filmed the scenes, then claimed an 'Assad chemical attack'. Though interviewing "a great many people [who] seem convinced" that a chemical attack did not actually happen, the reporter did not attempt to censor what he consistently heard from locals who were said to be in the area when the events occurred.
Increasingly, it appears that mainstream media gate-keepers are losing it over the fact that so many highly visible and respected reporters and broadcasters have featured reports this week which publicly question the Syrian chemical attack narrative and US coalition missile strikes that followed.
One writer for the Guardian and Daily Beast who is a well-known pro regime-change advocate, for example, laments that "disinformation has taken hold" on Syria. In a series of tweets following Robert Fisk's bombshell report for the Independent, Emma Beals, who often simply parrots whatever her 'rebel' sources tell her reacted to the recent profusion of high profile pundits questioning the established narrative on major British platforms
Beals wrote:

Scientists Discover Trillions Upon Trillions Of Viruses Falling From Sky Each Day

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Russia, We Didn't Need Any Proof That You Have No Heart

As the World Cup Looms, Russia Purges Host Cities of Strays

Thousands of stray animals are being culled in preparation for the football tournament, activists say.

Dear Alex Jones followers - WTF?


Zionism has many fronts, Infowars (controlled by time warner and the CIA) happens to be one of them. Is it really any surprise? I hope all who are watching take the time to reconsider their endorsement of the shill Alex Jones. Infowars is Zionist propaganda.

When Volcanoes Almost Killed a Continent | The 6th Century Dust Veil

Did Solar Plasma Blasts Decimate Ancient Egypt 12,000 Years Ago?

Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society

The Time Phone Hack Mass Ritual - Deception


This report will show and discuss how the coded elements contained within the three words, (Time Phone Hack), which are words that are currently being used in a mass social media venue to get willing and eager participants to unknowingly, yet voluntarily performing a mass ritual ceremony, that helps to vibrate certain numbers repeatedly, thus strengthening the evil that is behind the one world govt. global intentions of a group that uses the numbers 9-23, as their collective and yet secret means to achieve their future success, that is known or referred to as a one world govt. This mass ritual social media effort is a part of a larger mind control element that is but a small part of the larger mega ritual currently being observed and followed. Background Sources and Links: Time Phone Hack



Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt continues the groundbreaking X-SERIES that follows the X Steganography through the history of Political and Covert groups coordinating in a stealth fashion the secret work of the UFO File. He will be joined by the fascinating Giza Death Star author Dr. Joseph Farrell. Orphic Circle: Dark Journalist examines an obscure English Occult Group called The Orphic Circle that featured many prominent figures and searched for vessels of Somnambulist contact with higher intelligence. Offshoots of these groups form fascinating links to Yale Secret Society 'Skull and Bones' that the Bush political family and CIA leaders are deeply connected with. DJ will reveal what the '322' in the Skull and Bones logo represents and you don't want to miss it! Bombshell Deeper Connections Multiple bombshell connections will be revealed that link various Secret Societies to the covert political process driving UFO Secrecy by using the new understanding attained through the deciphering of the X pattern. This will give us a map that takes us all the way back to Plato and the heavily shrouded Eleusinian Mysteries.

Sunspots, Supernova, NEOs, Storm Effects | S0 News Apr.21.2018